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Joel Crosby
Classical Pilates Teacher, Suspension Therapies, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Movement Culture Proponent
Joel has over 20 years experience as an athletic performance specialist, personal fitness trainer, and health/nutrition coach. He is the most experienced Pilates instructor in Gwinnett. His focus is on increasing and maintaining flexibility, balance, lean body mass, and cardiovascular efficiency; in turn counteracting the effects of the aging process on these four areas. Joel primarily uses the Pilates Contrology method to assist individuals to accomplish this. Mind/body awareness is increased by utilizing Pilates and suspension exercises thus creating a physically and mentally invigorating experience. Using the original teachings of Joseph Pilates, he teaches techniques that allow individuals to stretch and strengthen in a way that is the most natural and beneficial for muscles and tendons, while developing fluid and balanced muscle usage. Everyone from professional athletes to people with special needs have been assisted to reach higher levels of fitness and vitality utilizing the systems of movement at the Vitality Method Studio. Joel is a competitive barefoot runner and obstacle racer.

Joel always encourages people to incorporate more raw living foods, herbs, and super foods into their lifestyle. He personally consumes unprocessed raw super foods and herbs and sells them in his Vitality Natural Foods Shoppe. Joel has consistently seen that unprocessed natural supplementation provides the best pre/post workout and running results. He has observed over and over again that clients who consume mostly raw plants, seeds, and herbs on a regular basis are able to maintain a strong immune system and accomplish their fitness goals easier and faster than others.

Ruby & Joel Crosby have 4 beautiful and active children.

Authentic Pilates Union Member
Comprehensive Pilates certification from Sara Marek, Studio Prime, LLC.
Comprehensive Pilates certification from Power Pilates.
Redcord Active Suspention Trainer.
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.
Competitive barefoot runner and athlete.
Creator of the Ariel Fit/Flow workout


Kim Barber

Kim was born and raised in Atlanta and was a dancer for over 20 years which included jazz, tap, ballet and lyrical dance.   She danced with The Atlanta Jazz Theatre, Bo Wagner Dance Company, and Gary Harrison Dance Company. During and after her dance career, she obtained her Bachelors and Masters in Mathematics from Georgia State University and worked in the mortgage industry for 15 years.   With a fitness background and a love for helping people, she decided to leave the mortgage business to become a Pilates Instructor through Studio Lotus in Atlanta. 

Kim is comprehensively certified by Power Pilates and is certified on the Redcord apparatus.  In addition to teaching pilates and Redcord, Kim has developed the fantasic Vitality Ballet Barre class.

In her spare time, Kim still loves to dance and backpack with her husband, Todd, and her two dogs, Millie and Charlie.

personal trainer
Ellen Tarulli
Ellen is a certified personal fitness trainer that has been working in the Atlanta area for 14 years.  She has also enjoyed a lifetime of fitness work as she was an active aerobics instructor for five years.  Ellen believes that personal training is just that, and works to customize her fitness program to each person, reflecting their capabilities and their goals.  She is dedicated to helping and encouraging her clients to be the best they can be always working on method and process and keeping safety at the forefront. With all of the techniques, equipment and experience at her disposal, she helps her clients reach their fitness and personal milestones previously unrealized.  Ellen is passionate about fitness and conditioning and enjoys working with others who share that desire. 

Ellen stays active with her church, tennis team and family.  She is married and has two daughters that share her passion and her drive for excellence, good health and a positive view of life.

personal training

Michael Roeser

Michael has 12 years experience as a personal fitness trainer.  He's been certified through SCW fitness education since 2008.  His focus is on the slow motion protocol which keeps the muscles under tension longer by taking the momentum out of typical exercise routines.  His combination of fast-paced cardio exercises along with slow motion high-intensity muscle burning exercises make for a great workout experience.  Additionally, Michael has had a career in the Golf Industry as a professional instructor with several country clubs and golf Shops.  His influence with golf has helped develop specific workouts for those who want to improve their golf game.  His workouts help his clients reach their physical fitness goals in addition to significantly improving their golf game. 

personal training
Debbie Barker, CHNP
Debbie has been an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer for 16 years holding both Personal Training Certification and Weight Room Certification. She customizes each of her clients' workouts to suit their needs and personal goals. Debbie has also studied nutrition and natural health for the past five years and she has earned the designation of Certified Natural Health Professional. This certification fits well with her training program enabling her to offer advice on diet and nutrition to help her clients meet their specific goals. Debbie is also a Health Coach with the Take Shape for Life program.  The medically supervised program enables her clients to accelerate weight loss and learn more about health and lifetime dietary habits.
In addition, Debbie is a Reiki Master, a far eastern discipline which relaxes body and mind, and decreases stress. 

Tracy Broeckel

Tracy has been a certified personal trainer for over 11 years. She holds certifications from IACET, NCCPT and Power Pilates. She first became certified using the slow motion protocol and then continued exploring a wider rage of training techniques. She specializes in weight management, functional and sports specific training, endurance sports, and mat Pilates. She has worked with a wide variety of clientele, ranging from medically managed obesity patients (bariatric) to elite athletes. Having worked in a wide range of training environments, and with her own experience in competitive endurance sports, she understands the importance of individualized training design. She believes her first job as a trainer is to understand the specific goals of each client in order to design a unique exercise program based on their individual needs.  She welcomes the opportunity to work with beginners who are looking to become comfortable and confident in the fitness arena and experienced athletes looking to elevate their performance to the next level.

As an avid outdoor enthusiast and a sponsored Adventure Race Team captain, Tracy spends her free time training with her team, sculling, golfing and relaxing on the lake.

pilates instructors
Lakisha Cheek

Originally from upstate New York, Lakisha came to Atlanta to study at Clark Atlanta University. With a background in track & field as well as weightlifting, Lakisha began to look for an alternative workout routine that would ease tight, bulky muscles.  Discovering mat Pilates in 2002, along with Ashtonga yoga, she was overwhelmed by her changing body.  She became mat certified in Pilates and yoga in spring 2003 and in February 2009 completed the Power Pilates Comprehensive Training at Studio Lotus in all Pilates apparatus. In 2010 Lakisha became certified in Redcord suspension training. When not teaching, Lakisha loves being a wife and mother of two young children. 

Pilates dance acrobat

Samantha Schmidt

Samantha has always had an active lifestyle. Her love of fitness, dance, and injury prevention lead her to study Pilates. Samantha worked as an acrobat/dancer for Disney where she performed with John Goodman, Hilary Duff, Omarion, Michelle Kwan, and took part in Governor Schwarzenegger’s Campaign for Physical Fitness and Sports. She has toured with the Purrfect Angels, dancing in Easy Rider and World of Wheels shows and entertained the troops both in Iraq and Afghanistan. As an aerialist, she worked shows at the world famous San Diego Zoo, and events with Christian Audigier, Fergie, and Michael Jackson. She stays active with dance and aerial arts by performing many venues with her own company, Smokey Joe Entertainment. She is comprehensivley certified in Classical Pilates by Power Pilates and has now been teaching for over 3 years. 

Jacinda Cicogna

Pilates instructor personal trainer health coach
Melissa Gauna, NTP, CHNC

Melissa is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association, and a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, certified through the American College of Healthcare Sciences. She also hold’s a Bachelor’s degree in International Business & Spanish. She is dedicated to helping clients achieve maximum health through sound nutrition. She empowers clients to make better food choices, using whole, organic and chemical-free foods to promote well-being.

Melissa is able to work with clients locally or long distance via Skype. She and her husband have two beautiful, active boys, who always enjoy helping in the kitchen.

Heidi Chichester PT, MSPT

Heidi has a background as a competitive swimmer and an accomplished dancer.  Multiple shoulder injuries curtailed her swimming and dancing careers, but led her into physical therapy.  She earned her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Miami, School of Medicine, Division of Physical Therapy in 1998. Heidi’s approach to physical therapy is eclectic because she does not feel that one particular form of treatment is good for everybody.  She pulls from her knowledge of physical therapy and her continuing education to design specific and unique treatment plans for the individual depending on their history, examination, and goals.

Heidi has worked in many acute care and outpatient physical therapy settings including adult and pediatric sports medicine, orthopaedics and early intervention.  As part of her post-graduate continuing education, she has completed all of the manual physical therapy courses offered by the University of St. Augustine.  She is also certified in Trigger Point Dry Needling from Mercer University  Heidi has also completed Neurac training with the Redcord system.  She is also a certified Mat Pilates instructor through Power Pilates.

When Heidi is not doing physical therapy or Pilates, she enjoys time with her husband and two beautiful daughters.
Creator and owner of Vitality Physical Therapy